Technology expert, community builder, coffee addict, red wine and food lover, traveller, international board member and photography enthusiast with a strong global network of friends, clients, experts and colleges.

Providing answers and solutions. Ranging from server troubleshooting to the design of complex Air C2 and MD systems. Translating operational requirements into technical, assuring integrity, maintainability, interoperability, security and safety of large scale international mission critical systems. Experience as a member of international boards and committees with most senior national and organisational experts and decision makers in the areas of C3, architecture, air traffic management, standardisation, and former single technical SESAR focal point for NATO Air C2.

New projects

Developing Photoresk, the branded international photography community which welcomes photographers and photo enthusiasts of all walks of life and skill levels to join meetups currently in Brussels, Aachen, Cannes and Berlin.

Co-founding and prototyping Photostories International, the unique global sharing platform which combines creative writing and photography in a creative way.

Epic road trips with a self-modified and equipped Landrover Defender. Travels to various regions, from the equator to the arctic circle. Observing, boosting creativity, photographing humans and landscapes off the beaten tracks. The documentation still waits to be written.


Award winning photography as a passion. Learning, teaching and sharing. Various exhibitions. Member of the Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists. Photographing at high profile events and on the streets. Founder of Photoresk, the globally growing photography network. Check out my portfolio.